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Census from 8 November 2021

You need the access code sent by mail to answer the online questionnaire. Can’t find that code? Click here.



The population census has started!

The 37th population census of Luxembourg, organized by STATEC in collaboration with the municipalities and, has started on November 8th, 2021. The emphasis is placed on online participation. A virtual information session took place on November 8th to inform citizens about all the practical details, in particular on how to complete the online questionnaire on You can find the video of this information session on STATEC’s Facebook page.

From November 8th on, all households in Luxembourg will receive a letter sent by STATEC with the access codes necessary to access the online questionnaire. Between November 8th and 21st, households have the option of responding only by internet. From November 22nd on, participation via paper questionnaire is also possible*. This paper questionnaire will be distributed by enumerators only to households that have not yet responded online on

Online participation remains possible until November 28th. The paper questionnaire, meanwhile, must be completed by December 5th.

*Erratum: the date of June 14th mentioned in STATEC’s letter for sending the paper questionnaire is an error.

Press release (in French)

Why a census?

The objective of a census is to collect data on the population, households and dwellings, in order to anticipate the needs for land use planning, schools, nurseries, hospitals, retirement and care homes, housing etc.

We count, because you count!

If you don’t respond to the online questionnaire, you will receive the paper version from your census enumerator as of November 22nd without any action on your part.

You can answer the paper questionnaire in 5 languages: French, Luxembourgish, German, English and Portuguese.

If you wish to consult the questionnaire in a different language than the one given to you by your census enumerator, please click on the Pdf files below.

You can return your filled out paper questionnaire to your municipality, to your census enumerator, or send it via mail to STATEC, B.P. 304 – L-2013 Luxembourg.

Understand the census in 5 minutes

  • What is a census?

  • Why participate?

  • How to participate in the census?

  • Is my data protected?

  • Can someone help me?

All answers to your questions


Why participate in the census?

The purposes of the census are to collect a number of socio-economic data on individuals, households and dwellings. Population censuses provide socio-economic information to assist in forecasting the need for land use planning, schools, day care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, housing, etc.

Is it mandatory to fill out the questionnaire?

Participation in the survey is mandatory. According to the law of July 10, 2011 on the organization of the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, failure to respond or intentionally providing erroneous data may lead to a financial penalty. This legal provision aims to contribute to the quality of the statistics produced, allowing STATEC to collect reliable and sufficiently representative data of the resident population.

Who has to fill out the questionnaire in the household?

One household member can be in charge of filling out the questionnaire for all household members. The first person to be listed, who will be the household reference person, must be at least 18 years old.

Is there more than one language to fill out the questionnaire?

The questionnaire is available in five languages: Luxembourgish, French, German, English and Portuguese. If you wish to receive the questionnaire in a different language than the one given to you by your census enumerator, please contact the latter to receive a new questionnaire, or contact STATEC at 8002 2121.

Until when can I complete the online questionnaire? What about the paper questionnaire?

The online questionnaire can be completed until November 28th, 2021. The paper questionnaire has to be completed between November 22nd and December 5th, 2021.

For which members of my family should I complete the questionnaire?

You must include all persons who normally reside in your household as of November 8th, including those who may be on vacation or temporarily absent for work, school or medical reasons. You must also include babies born through November 8th, 2021, even if they are still in the hospital.

My household is made up of more than five people. How do I fill out the questionnaire ?

If there are more than five people living in your dwelling, contact your census enumerator to receive another questionnaire or contact STATEC by telephone at 8002 2121 or by email at

Is the confidentiality of my data guaranteed ?

Yes, your answers are confidential. They are used to produce statistics that do not include names or addresses. The latter information is necessary to verify that homes and individuals are counted only once, and to ensure the quality of the statistics produced. For more information, please contact our Data Protection Officer at 247-88 492.

Can I fill out the questionnaire on paper?

If you did not respond to the census online, you will automatically receive the paper questionnaire from your census enumerator from November 22nd on. You will have to answer this questionnaire before December 5th. Please note that you still have the possibility to answer online until November 28th.

Do I have to send or turn in the paper questionnaire somewhere?

You have three possibilities when it comes to turning in your paper questionnaire:
  • By delivering it directly to STATEC before December 5th, 2021 or by sending it by mail to the following address STATEC - B.P. 304 - L-2013 Luxembourg (attention, the mail must reach us by December 5th);
  • By handing it directly to your local administration before December 5th, 2021;
  • By giving it to your census enumerator from December 6th, 2021 on.

Can someone else fill out the questionnaire for me?

Another person can complete the questionnaire for you if you have difficulty completing it on your own. The person completes the questionnaire on your behalf, putting in the answers that match your situation. You can also contact STATEC by phone at 8002 2121 or by email at to help you complete the questionnaire.

Can someone help me fill out the questionnaire?

If you do not know how to answer or if you do not understand a question, contact STATEC by phone at 8002 2121 or by email at for assistance. You can also consult with your census enumerator who will come to you during the census period to help you answer all your questions and collect the completed questionnaires.

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