Rules of the lottery “37th population census in Luxembourg”


The “37th population census in Luxembourg” lottery (hereinafter referred to as the “lottery”) is organized by STATEC – National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with headquarters at 13, rue Erasme, L-1468 Luxembourg  



The contest begins on 08/11/2021 and ends on 28/11/2021.  


Participation in the contest 

The contest is open to all persons who have completed the population census on between 08/11/2021 and 28/11/2021 and who have given their consent to participate. Participation in the contest is free of charge. The first person of each questionnaire, transmitted via, will represent the whole household. A draw will be held among all these households to select the 25 winners. All households where a member is employed by STATEC are excluded from this contest.  


Terms and conditions

Any participation in this contest must be done in the manner described in these rules. Participation in the contest therefore implies the participant’s adherence to the latter. Each respondent indicates at the end of the online questionnaire, in a field provided for this purpose, whether they agree to participate in this contest or not. Failure to comply with these conditions of participation will annul the participation. The organizer reserves the right to take legal action against anyone who has attempted to defraud.



The lottery plans to give away 25 prizes:

  • Prizes 1 to 3: 1 Samsung Galaxy TAB S7 (256 GB) worth € 729
  • Prizes 4 to 6: 1 Apple IPAD AIR tablet (64 GB) worth €649
  • Prizes 7 to 11: 1 Apple IPAD tablet (32 GB) worth €379
  • Prizes 12 to 16: 1 Samsung Galaxy TAB S6 Lite (64 GB) worth € 329
  • Prizes 17 to 20: 1 Apple Airpods Pro Bluetooth Headset worth €279
  • Prizes 21 to 25: 1 Sony WH-1000XM3 Bluetooth Headset worth €229

The values of the prizes, as of April 27, 2021, are provided as an indication. More information on the different prizes can be found on the Samsung, Apple and Sony websites. A maximum of one prize per household will be awarded. The prize cannot be converted into cash or exchanged for other products or services.


Allocation of prizes 

The 25 winners will be selected by random drawing no later than 14/01/2022 and will be personally notified of the victory via email. The 25 winners will be determined by a random number generator in the presence of three STATEC agents. 

No messages will be sent to the losers. Prizes will be awarded to the winners in the order of the draw. Winners will be invited to pick up their prize at STATEC. If a notified winner does not come forward within 30 calendar days following the prize announcement, they will be deemed to have forfeited their prize. In this case, STATEC will proceed with a new draw to reallocate the prize.      



STATEC cannot be held liable for technical problems of any kind. The winner undertakes not to seek STATEC’s liability with regard to the quality, characteristics or functioning of a product in the lottery, insofar as STATEC is not the distributor, producer or manufacturer of the product offered. STATEC shall not be liable for any failure or any other problem in the use of the winnings.

STATEC reserves the right to cancel, postpone or extend the contest at any time and without notice. STATEC shall not be liable to any participant or any other person for this.



Any claim relating to this competition must be sent, by registered mail, to the following address STATEC, Population and Housing Unit, 13 rue Erasme, L-1468 Luxembourg. The rules are available free of charge between 07/11/2021 and 28/11/2021 and will be sent by e-mail to anyone who expressly requests them from STATEC by telephone on 8002 2121 or by sending an e-mail to


Data protection

In accordance with the law of August 1, 2018 on the organization of the CNPD and the general regime on data protection and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679, participants’ personal data will be treated confidentially by STATEC. In particular, STATEC undertakes not to disclose the name of any participant. The only exception is the possible publication of the names and photos of the 25 winners, with their prior written consent. STATEC also respects the right of publicity. After the prizes have been awarded to the winners, all email addresses collected in the context of this lottery will be permanently deleted.

Any message concerning data protection in the context of this contest can be addressed to STATEC’s data protection officer by mail to DPO, STATEC, B.P. 304, L-2013 Luxembourg, by telephone on 247-88 492 or by e-mail: .

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